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The Most Preventable Killers Of Healthy Travelers Abroad

In July 2016 a 22 year old British Tourist in Ibiza, Spain drowned after jumping into the sea on an early evening swim. This is just one of what will be hundreds of traveler deaths by drowning around the world this year. Drowning is in the top 5 killers of travelers abroad. It is alsoContinue reading “The Most Preventable Killers Of Healthy Travelers Abroad”

Which are the Safest Hotels in Puerto Vallarta?

In 2019, Mexico received a lot of negative scrutiny about whether it was a safe country to visit as a traveller. In recent years, there have been several reported shooting incidents and other incidents of violence in locations popular with tourists.  These incidents are generally drug-related attacks between cartel groupings, but members of the publicContinue reading “Which are the Safest Hotels in Puerto Vallarta?”